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2500 applications for $3.5 to the gymnastics center using targeted advertising

# Sport school

Main tasks

Main areas: lead generation using social networks Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

Goal: build a flow of applications for a business, increase their number, reduce the price for a targeted action.


$ 3.5
application cost
$ 10000
overall budget
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The client is a network of sports complexes that teach people gymnastics. A large number of locations, the widest possible age range of potential customers (from a year old to adults) allows us to work with a wide audience. 

An important criterion in any of the projects that we carry out is safety. Especially when it comes to business, which depends on the number of new incoming applications very much. In such cases, we create several different cabinets, as well as an additional BM, so that in case of blockages we can quickly launch on other cabinets. At the same moment, the created spare offices don’t waste the time. They are warmed up by promotional posts or the main advertising format on a small budget.

screenshot 1 6

If possible, we recommend you to provide access to your BM through an affiliate link. This minimizes the chance of a chain reaction of bans 

All available methods were used to attract leads: Lead generation.

Lead generation 

This method showed a good price per application, around 300 rubles, but a large number of applications were of poor quality. You can see an example of a post and the lead form itself below. As an additional question, we specified the area of interest, which would be convenient for a potential client. 

reklama fitnesa v fejsbuke

Thank you page conversion

This format showed a higher quality of applications, but the cost of the application was within 550 rubles **, which is higher than the lead forms.

Since the quality of applications is the priority of any advertising campaign, Facebook lead forms were completely turned off. Different tests with different questions and appeals did not give much difference in the quality of applications.

Advertising through the “Conversion” objective on the thank you page was more effective, even at a higher cost per application. 

Receiving applications through quizzes 

This format turned out to be the most acceptable, since the price of an application through quizzes turned out to be around 260 rubles, which is lower than all other lead generation tools. It is important that the quality of the applications themselves were very acceptable. It was through quizzes that most of the applications for this project were received. 

The main audiences that showed higher performance.

screenshot 2 6

audiences 1

screenshot 3 3

audiences 2

To create quizzes, we used the Marquise service. You can register using the link. Pass the quiz we used in the ad: https://mrqz.me/testqwizads

For more efficient work, additional integrations with mail, Facebook and Tik Tok pixels were used, and all applications were duplicated in the Telegram channel for faster response and understanding of the situation.

Thanks to dynamic tags, it was possible to easily and clearly track which applications of creatives and audiences came from

screenshot 4 3 

Lead generation through TikTok and quizzes

Another application channel was the social network TikTok. At the same time, the same quiz was used as a landing page for traffic, at a different URL address (subdomain).

This social network showed a similar quality of applications comparable to those that we received through website advertising, while their price is 10% -15% higher, which is acceptable.

tikto ads

It is worth saying that at launch we encountered several cabinet locks. We recommend you to read the rules very carefully before launching an advertising campaign.

So, the average price of an application is around 300 rubles, in total 2500+ applications were received.

We hope the case was helpful.

Once again I leave a link to the quiz service. And, as always, if you have any questions or want to work with us, leave a request on the website or write to Direct.

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